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Sila Stils is a Latvian company that designs and develops innovative ready-made home solutions, both sustainable and energy-efficient that blend seamlessly with the environment. The company is responsible for the full 'Design & Built' production circle: project management, design, construction, supervision, and after-sale service. It is the Sila Stils philosophy and approach as well as their commitment to architectural principles, sustainability, and high-caliber aesthetics, that allow the harmonious integration of their products in the Northern Europe lifestyle, landscape, and environment.

Sila Stils brings together experienced and qualified professionals from various disciplines such as architecture, construction, project management, and sales. Their ability to successfully complement each other and to creatively cooperate with our clients, allows Sila Stils to achieve the best possible products and build houses that meet the industry's highest quality standards. Customers are made aware of the project implementation process and costs from the very beginning of their project. Sila Stils also provide full transparency on the use of their customer's investment during the full length of the construction process, assuring thus that their house will be built as per the agreement and contract terms.

One of Sila Stils core aims is to become a Baukultur standards company, a value that would not only benefit the company and its customers, but also the environment and the society as a whole.


We wanted our home to have the most natural and healthy microclimatic conditions possible. We chose the Sila Stils SIDUS ready-made house because we liked its architecture. Our home's simple - almost ascetic - character fully fits the leafy surrounding forest landscape. The concept's layout and the number of rooms proved well-considered and very functional for our family. We are really happy we've chosen and worked together with Sila Stils, as their team understood our desire to modify a ready-made project house and make it as natural and ecological as possible. Our house is insulated with eco wool, and we wanted it to be finished with clay plaster, which was also made feasible by the Sila Stils team.

If I could offer a piece of advice to anyone building a new house is to think of the microclimatic conditions earlier rather than later during the construction process and go for natural materials as much as possible. They will appreciate it living in such a house. It's really worth it!

Uģis and family

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VESTABALT has worked together with a good number of construction companies as a joint-venture and has implemented dozens of development projects both in the residential and commercial sectors. From experience, it's the final construction stages, such as the interior finishings and the detail installation that present the most difficulty and can lead to stressful situations. This kind of work requires high-skilled craftsmen with an in-depth understanding of technical terms and drawings, and an open-minded attitude towards last-minute customer change requests.

Working together with Sila Stils for the development of 8 houses has been an outstanding experience because their team demonstrated an exceptional professional mentality at all times, and listened, understood, and catered for our customers' requirements, coming up with suggestions and technical solutions. 
I felt it was equally a challenge for their building team and for us to achieve and deliver the best possible high-end result, and that reflected in the smiles and satisfaction of both parties upon project completion. The implementation of the project was supervised by bank representatives and construction supervisors with the latter acknowledging that the construction work performed met the highest quality standards coupled with an outstanding professionalism. 
Our cooperation with Sila Stils as our key contractor included eight fully-functional houses; to date, all of them have been either sold or rented. We will definitely consider working with them again when planning the development of our next residential private house projects in Jūrmala and Ādaži. 

LĪGA UZKALNE, Member of the Board at VESTABALT

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