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The road to your home

We'll be with you through every step of the process; from our first meeting to your new home delivery!

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1. First meeting: Investigation of your requirements followed up by our team's suggestions.

It is always very important to us that your new home fully matches your expectations. During our first meeting we will discuss your requirements, wishes, and dreams, will talk you through the Sila Stils concept homes, and provide you with ideas and further suggestions on potential improvements to match your needs. Before the end of our meeting we will sign a preliminary agreement and you will leave our premises with an initial estimate of the costs so that you can negotiate the mortgage with your bank. 

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2. Construction plan and documentation.

Before we get our hands dirty with the construction process, our team will create an assessment plan and study certain key factors such as the land plot and its surface, the best position and the orientation of the house, the driveways, the utility connections, and all other essential data, to prepare the documentation for obtaining a building permit.

At the beginning of this process stage, you will need to proceed with the first installment: this will cover the design of the utility networks, the geodetic surveying, the obtaining of an energy performance certificate, the development of the master plan, as well as any further documentation required by the local municipality. During this stage, you will be provided with a much more accurate breakdown of the costs of the overall construction. Our team will also talk you through the steps we carefully take to develop, build and deliver your home in a smooth and linear way.

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3. Agreement and Signing of the contract.

Once all details of the building process have been clarified and all documents have been sent to us, our team will submit the final plan to the Construction Board for approval. Upon receipt of the approved building permit, we will arrange for one more meeting to discuss and agree on the final details and any additional points, such as the interior finishings of the house and sign the final contract. This will include the final cost of the project, the terms binding the two parties, and the milestones and installments. 

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4. Construction starts.

The production of the building structure takes the Sila Stils factory between 8 to 10 weeks; during this period infrastructure works such as grading, excavating, foundations, and utilities are carried out on the building plot.

5. House assembly, finishing and external works.

At this stage, the building structure is delivered and assembled on the prepared foundations of the plot. Interior and exterior works are carried out next, providing protection of the structure from weather conditions. This stage can last between 8 to 10 weeks. During this period we will also build a terrace, a parking bay, and a fence based on your requirements discussed earlier.

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6. Welcome to your new home!

The time has come to invite you to check and confirm that your new home is built according to our previous discussions, your requirements, and our contractual agreement. At this stage it is required that all installments have been paid out in full. 

Sila Stils wishes you to enjoy your new home to the fullest as the best place to host your own and your family's dreams for many years to come.

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